Mortgage Technology

Cutting edge mortgage technology
In today's market, borrowers want to apply now, not wait for a phone call and a fax. Those days are done.

That's why Members Mortgage offers our credit union partners access to MortgageClick, the same mortgage origination platform used by the leading lenders.
Why MortgageClick?
MortgageClick® is our cloud-based origination system, fully equipped to handle loans from application to closing and delivery. It allows your members to apply online 24/7 with a quick 10-15 minute application, and receive disclosures and an approval letter. We’ll provide training and support for your staff, so they can fully utilize all the tools MortgageClick® has to offer.

But it doesn't just take applications in and spit loans out. MortgageClick allows your credit union staff to securely view all applications, check on member progress, and provide documentation as-needed, to keep the process moving smoothly for the member.
With MortgageClick, you'll always be in the driver's seat. Credit union staff will be able to log in and check on applications on the back-end, approve conditions, and provided supplemental documentation for members applications. You'll never wonder whether a member is in process-- you'll be able to check!
Streamlined & Refined
The mortgage process seems daunting to begin. MortgageClick makes it easy: a simple application that takes 10-15 minutes, available 24/7, at the member's convenience.

Within 24 hours of applying, the member will receive a call and an email from their loan officer, who will guide them through the rest of the process, from start, to finish.

It's that simple.
Responsive Support
MortgageClick ensures you're on the cutting-edge of compliance, as well as lending optimizations; you'll never need to worry about falling behind the curve of lending regulations. Best of all, MortgageClick primarily serves credit unions-- so their team understands what your CU needs.