Mortgage Services for Members

A local lender for all your mortgage needs
Are you looking to purchase a new home, or refinance your current home? Members Mortgage has you covered.

While we primarily serve our credit union partners and their members, we are an independent mortgage lender-- not a broker-- so we can assist with lending to friends, family, and people outside the purview of our CU partners.
What's the difference between a lender and a broker?
The difference is right there in the name: a mortgage lender lends the money to the borrower. A broker, by contrast, connects the borrower to a lender from their existing list of partners, acting as a middleman, and builds in a fee for their services. Lenders are also held to stricter standards in order to operate; lenders have to maintain a minimum net worth, so they always have the ability to back any transaction they lend on. Additionally, they need to maintain good standing with their investors.
By coming directly to a lender, you get the benefit of reliability, and you save money by cutting the middle-man out of the equation.
Mortgage Programs
10, 15, 20, 30 year fixed-rate mortgages
5/1, 7/1, 10/1 year ARMs
Jumbo loans
FHA/VA financing
Local Lending
We're licensed to lend in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, California, and Florida-- and, when working with a credit union partner, anywhere they are licensed to lend.